Sunday, June 9, 2013

What to Expect after a Rotator Cuff Repair

If you are having, or considering having shoulder surgery, you should be aware of the recovery from the surgery. 

Shoulder surgery hurts!  There is no way around that one.  Typically patients have difficulty getting back to their daily routine for about 2 weeks after surgery.  It is difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep and it is hard to adapt to one good arm and one arm stuck in a sling. 

Sports Medicine Lecture Series Kicks Off!

This May, the physicians at HampOrtho successfully kicked off a Sports Medicine lecture series at CDH.   Drs. Fallon and McBride lead a fun and informative discussion on the Anatomy of Athletic Knee Injuries at the Cooley-Dickinson OR while giving a cadaveric demonstration of ACL reconstructions.  It gave the participants the chance to see first hand the surgical anatomy of the knee and try their hand at arthroscopic surgery on a cadaver.  Similar events are planned for this summer.  It is designed as a free service to our local Athletic Trainers, so if you are an AT-C and interested, please contact our office manager and we will put you on the list.